Our main focus in terms of damage exposure is for the volunteering firefighters, who are able to check and improve their capability and availability due to realistic demonstrations.

Also, those demonstrations are appropriate for events of the army in general. According to that, we advertise on the open house since young people unfortunately do not get excited about water abstractions out of open water or the installation of PA equipment anymore.

Furthermore, for ordinary persons we offer the opportunity to spend a fascinating day, which experiences will last for a long time and have the potential to influence the future decision as to possibly joining the firefighters.

Besides, old habits can be identified and it can be dealt with problematic situations.
Our field of responsibility also includes terror situations, plane crashes, explosions of passenger cars, structural fires, fires involving people and much more. It is important to mention that indeed ordinary helpers got confronted with terror situations recently.
The specific and individual situations are being discussed by the executive staff and us in order to implement that. Therefore, we not only create realistic scenarios to practice with, but we also know how to deal with the development of the specific situations occurring. Keyword: Self-dynamics.

Also, we can adapt to the different interests of the young to-be firefighters in order to increase the excitement regarding the firefighters. Nothing is better than being able to tell classmates about the practices with real fire and explosions. We are convinced that this is essential for piquing someone´s curiosity to join the firefighters in the future.

Most of the time, parents of the interested children are also there, who may play a role in terms of supporting their children regarding the firefighters.

All in all, it’s a fact that spectacular and practical practices are a perfect advertisement for the multifaceted and exciting work at the firefighters.

These youth firefighting services are a very good opportunity to make the work of the firefighters more interesting by using spark ignitions, the reactions of different gases, the danger of firecrackers and burning and extinction of the fire. This leads to the fact that the young kids can get convinced to join.