Hello! We are happy that you have found our website.

The company MPY Pyrotechnics and Special Effects is in existence since the year of 2013.

We have specialized on the demonstration of damage instances for the police and the firefighters, to be more specific for all helpers in extreme situations in general.
At the same time, we are able to provide pyrotechnics and special effects for movies and television as well as for the stage and events.

Additionally, we design and build effect equipment of every kind. Concerning that, our long-term experience as a gas and plumber-foreman is of fundamental importance. Therefore, we feel confident in all these areas.

Furthermore, we offer fireworks for small and big events as well as for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and much more.

Of course, the requests are always accompanied by an officially state-approved pyrotechnician and armorer (Marco Pinkowsky).

The industry liability insurance as well as the fire safety prevention are highly important requirements for our work.

To me as a person:

My name is Marco Pinkowsky (Pinky) and I was born in Kiel in 1969. I am a professional plumber and heating construction foreman. Since 2001 I have my own business and I am an officially and state-approved:

  • Armorer
  • Pyrotechnician
  • Responsible for major fireworks
  • Stage pyrotechnician
  • Plumber and heating construction foreman

and responsible for the construction of artificial ventilation.

In addition to that, I am a training supervisor and the assistant group leader in the FF Osdorf since many years.